People Saw Adorable Animals On Public Transport And Couldn’t Hold Back Their Smiles

Dull journeys are the worst start to a work day, but many people can’t avoid them. But smiles are the best medicine, and the ultimate way to deliver them is with a shot of adorable animals — stat! So take 50 cc’s of drowsy dogs, commuting kitties, and the odd roaming rabbit, and call us in the morning. You’ll be feeling a lot better in no time.

40. Tight squeeze

Paddy the cockapoo, who was born in Yorkshire but now lives in London, has no problem riding on public transportation. Their only issue is that their seats are too far away from the cuddle-giving humans. Luckily, trains were made with this in mind, and have handy dog-sized gaps to squeeze through. Who wouldn’t want a visit from Paddy on the journey to work?

39. Feathered friend

We’ve all seen dogs on leashes, and maybe even cats — but birds? The last thing you expect to find when you’re on the metro between Schiedam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands is a gold macaw parrot, and a leashed one is rarer still. We bet you’re not as surprised as the photographer, though. “I’m still next to [the] bird,” they wrote. “Speechless and shocked.”

38. In the bag

Since only animals that fit in bags are allowed on the NYC subway, some smuggling attempts are more creative than others. Pamela on Twitter spotted this conspicuous commuter. “My favorite picture ever of someone bringing a dog ‘in a bag’ on the subway,” she wrote. Well, no one can argue that dog is in a bag. Or maybe it’s a new product, a bag version of those suitcases on wheels? If so, we want one.

37. Eye-opening trip

One Reddit user wrote, “Train on my way back home got delayed but I was blessed by this cute little guy paying me attention.” Aww what a lovely way to distract tired travelers. And in 2017 Yoro Railway Co Ltd in Ogaki, Japan, partnered up with Kitten Cafe Sanctuary to raise awareness of stray cats and created a mobile cat cafe. It would be impossible to get ‘delay rage’ on the kitty express.

36. Humans are strange

Bonnie here is a Jack Russell cross, and by the looks of her Instagram feed, she travels a lot. One of her favorite things to do is look out the window and watch the cars pass by, but she’s equally comfortable on the train, observing the humans playing with their smartphones. When they can resist stopping by to give her attention, of course, which can’t be very often.

35. Well-traveled

Apparently, guinea pigs are social animals, but this is a totally different kettle of fish. Keshini runs an Instagram account largely dedicated to her guinea pigs, including the late Queen Frederica Brownfoot here, who she occasionally used to take on the London Underground to enjoy the sights. We don’t know where she was going here, but she was undoubtedly a well-traveled creature — and it beats a little wheel.

34. Watching the world go by

Moe Miah dedicated their Instagram to “The world I see around me! A big wide world made up entirely of lots of tiny little stories.” So what’s the tale behind this adorable poodle pupper on the London Underground? Who knows? For the most part, it shall remain a mystery. But wherever they’re going, they undoubtedly left a lot of smiles and brightened days behind them.

33. Penguins can fly

Penguins can’t fly, right? They can in Norfolk, Virginia — sort of, anyway. Pictures of Magellanic penguins waddling onto a plane were floating around social media, and another user got a picture of their father who happened to be the pilot at the time! They’re not wild, though. They’re Pete and Penney penguin, a pair of pingies from Seaworld traveling to Christmas Town. Some passengers even got to meet them.

32. Getting comfortable

Willow the English bulldog is no stranger to the London Underground, and she’s happy to make herself comfortable for the trip. Actually, she’s been traveling since she got a ride to her forever home as a pup. Now she makes her living as an Instagram star, which sometimes requires road-trips. So if you’re in the area, look out for Willow and her charming underbite smile.

31. To the stars

Can you imagine driving down the highway and seeing Gaia Lupita the long-haired Chihuahua in the neighboring car? Don’t worry, though, even though she thinks she’s in control of the wheel, her human does most of the driving. Gaia drives her fans crazy with cuteness instead, and her lovely long hair makes her an ultimate fashion icon. Jealous, ladies?

30. Subway sweetie

The guy holding this kitten gained so many fans when Bodega Cats tweeted his picture. “Find someone who looks at you the way this guy looks at his kitten,” one person wrote. Another said, “That man’s face! The way he’s smiling at that kitten is giving me so much joy on top of the already cute little bundle in a blankie. Oh my gosh.”

29. ALERT: There is a bear cub riding the subway

If the subway wasn’t full before, it would be after commuters see this little cutie and line up for petting time. Don’t worry, though, you won’t run the risk of an angry momma bear guarding her precious cub. This adorable fluffer is actually a smol dog called Oak who keeps passengers entertained on a regular basis as his human’s traveling buddy.

28. Two seats

Okay, no one likes it when someone takes up two seats on the bus or train, especially on the after-work commute when everybody’s tired. For this handsome hound we’d make an exception, though — as long as we get to pet him as a consolation prize. In case you’re wondering, the doggo in question is Cairo, a London-based German shorthaired pointer. That’s a lot of place names.

27. They see me rollin’

Poppy’s Instagram describes her as a “treat taker, poop maker, park trotter,” but they missed out traveler. As a “mini dachshund running around London” with a jet-set lifestyle, Poppy sometimes has to use public transport. And when she does, the lovely little sausage is just the right size to fit snugly in a handbag for convenient relocation. Plus, she doesn’t have to stretch those cute tiny legs.

26. Frequent flier

You may have seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly, but we bet you have never seen… a dog fly! One opportunistic photographer got the ‘before’ shot when they took this candid photo of a person carrying their dog through the airport. However, the best thing about this picture is the content look on the pooch’s face knowing they don’t have to walk. Walking’s for suckers.

25. Handsome fella

Instagrammer Holly Cooper posted this awesome picture of a fun encounter she had. “Just met this handsome fella on the bus,” she wrote, presumably about her colorful companion. The pretty boy’s apparently an eclectus parrot called Prince, and what a fitting name it is, too! If Holly’s smile isn’t argument enough for pets on public transport, we don’t know what is.

24. Next stop please

Sarah Elisa wrote on Instagram, “One day after the train strikes and they’ve already replaced the staff!” The OP, staff, and a fellow passenger united to help this pigeon who thinks it’s people get off the train in Sydney when it wandered onto the vehicle. At least it got to rest its wings for a while, and didn’t even have to pay the fare.

23. Alpaca lunch

When someone photographed Larry McCool and Caesar the no-drama llama riding the MAX train to ComicCon, the images went viral and Caesar became an instant celebrity. Caesar loves the attention, though, because he’s a people llama. He’s an animal ambassador of sorts who visits nursing homes and schools, enjoying the inevitable hugs from his fans. He’s also a selfie expert — he looks at the camera every time.

22. The metro’s hoppin’

We all know what happened when Alice chased a white rabbit, but it would be hard to resist pursuing this little one if you saw them. And how far can they go on the metro? We’re not sure where their destination is, or even if the bag owner was the bunny’s human. Maybe he just hitched a ride? Who could say no?

21. Puppy training

Many of the pet pals you see are seasoned travelers, but we found a few who are new to the experience. Athena’s one of them. According to Reddit, “It’s her first train trip and she’s a little scared, but being brave as heck.” She sure is. Look at that meek little smile and those hopeful eyes. We would give our lives for Athena.

20. Emotional support

Oski’s a Boston terrier by breed, but he actually lives in Berlin, Germany, with his human and fur-sister Molli. They’re both veteran travelers, who usually ride in a bicycle modified to carry the two terriers comfortably. Nevertheless, Oski likes emotional support, and if he feels out of sorts he will literally reach out for his best friend. They’re always around to hold his paw.

19. Happy travels

Flying is arguably the most anxiety-inducing method of traveling, but we have the solution. Look, isn’t he just the cutest?! The Redditor OP wrote, “Sat next to this happy little guy on a plane.” Another replied, “I really wish there was a checkbox to request seating next to any dogs on the plane.” Are you listening, airlines? Make this a thing.

18. Subway surfer

Ever heard of a doggie bag? This corgi is demonstrating what a good boy he is and how perfectly he fits into his human’s backpack at Penn Station on the NYC Subway. Can you imagine carrying around this portable bundle of joy for those long boring journeys? C’mon friend, share the love with your fellow passengers. They could use the smiles!

17. Good cattitude

Jade Christensen West travels around in his RV with his family, which includes their cat, Olive. And while she’s used to a life on the road, she had a very different experience when she tried train travel. “Olive was not impressed with the train ride,” West wrote on Instagram. Don’t worry Olive, if it’s any consolation we’re sure you made the other passengers very happy.

16. Canine co-pilot

We’ve seen dogs in the passenger seats, but there aren’t many that sit in the cockpit. This puppy’s on his first flight, and you couldn’t wish for a cuter co-pilot. Sure, it might cause some alarm if you saw him flying the plane, but his human’s there to help him reach those trickier buttons. Until he learns the basics, though, prepare for a ruff flight.

15. Dog tired

This poor pooch is a rescue dog and he’s being ferried to his furever home — literally. He’s got his own seat on the ferry which is taking him to his new life, but he’s dropped off like a human would. In fact, on first glance you probably wouldn’t even notice he was a dog, by the way he’s relaxing. He’s not the only doggo in the picture, either. Can you spot any more? It’s like “Where’s Woofo?”

14. Quackers

If you see a duck riding the subway, you might be in the presence of a celebrity. Her name is Wrinkle, and she toured the U.S. in 2022. That’s not all, though. She’s also “The Marathon Duck.” That’s right, she finished the Long Island Marathon in the Kids 1K category in 18 minutes and 8 seconds, earning herself a world duck record.

13. Business travel

This plucky little pupper has a doggone serious expression on his face for such a young-looking guy! As you can see from his collar, his name is Max and he caused quite a stir when his picture was posted on social media. The OP was lucky enough to have a seat next to Max, and confirmed his flight was serious business. He must be a blue collar worker.

12. The subway’s a swine

An observant passenger on Rome’s subway spotted this pretty little porker in a stroller taking a ride with all the humans. Pigs make great pets — they’re a lot cleaner than their reputation — and if you look closely, he even has a little diaper on. We bet this little babe brings a lot of smiles to commuters on his journeys. That’ll do, pig.

11. Smuggled in

It’s fortunate cats have no innate fears of heights since this one got a trip in the clouds. “This little guy just flew across Canada with me,” the OP wrote about his Scottish Fold feline. “As you can see in his eyes, he was not happy about it. Now home, safe and sound!” And aren’t his wild whiskers to die for? Apparently, “Sometimes they boop him in the nose.” Aww.

10. Horsing around

L’il Sebastian from the sitcom Parks and Rec worked his way into viewers’ hearts and gave many a love for little horses. Well, this is Apple, and he continues the legacy. And if you’re wondering why he’s on a plane, he just wants to be a pegasus! Actually, he’s an emotional support animal. Sometimes this breed works as seeing-eye horses, too.

9. Cool dude

Fiona on Instagram was on her way home from lunchtime yoga when she had a chance encounter on a Glasgow train with a handsome stranger. “A big thank you to his human for letting me say hi and take photos,” she wrote. She even got to tickle the cutie’s ears. “This made my day,” she concluded. Yep, we can see why — he’s adorable.

8. Caught in the act

Thanks to the NYC subway rules against traveling pets this Australian Shepherd pupper had to ride in his human’s bag. He thought he was safe from prying eyes, but he got caught in the act and put on camera. That’s okay, though, apparently he was also hiding from the worst day of the week for many… the dreaded Monday. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you’re there.

7. Public transit friend

Have you ever seen a snoot you want to boop as much as this one? It’s on such a friendly face, too, surely he wouldn’t mind. If you find yourself on a Seattle streetcar, you might be lucky enough to get the chance. Be sure to check with the owner first, and don’t get so enthralled by the pets that you miss your stop.

6. Is this one mine?

To people who don’t have such exotic wild birds, it’s hard to imagine cockatoos just wandering around like pigeons. But at Gordon Station in Sydney, this charming little dude even tried to take the train. The OP said, “Last I saw he was trying to get on a northbound train so I think the direction was less important than the journey.”

5. Use the force

“New York City banned dogs in the NYC subway unless they fit in a bag,” Anna Massoglia wrote on Twitter. “New Yorkers did not disappoint.” That’s right, the rule simply resulted in a bunch of poorly-disguised dogs with bags wrapped around them. Take these two, for example. One’s doing its best Yoda impression — quite convincing, if you ask us — and another is the happiest tote you’ve ever seen. Just look at that grin!

4. Aye aye captain

After his airplane flight, Bentley the bulldog got a sneak peek behind the scenes and even met the captain for a candid canine pic. We’re not surprised that Bentley got an exclusive pass, though — he’s an internet star. That’s right, he’s got his own YouTube channel where he snowboards and even rides in a helicopter. Talk about a dog of action.

3. A-paw-ling journey

Seeing people walking their dogs is a common sight, but you don’t see many cat walkers. It’s rarer still for feline owners to take their cats on public transport! The cute kitty licking her nose at fellow travelers is Riesa, who gets a lot of coverage on her human’s Instagram. She likes climbing and lording it over other passengers. Cats are the rulers of all they survey, after all.

2. Boop the snoot

Sometimes you just can’t resist booping the snoot, and according to the OP this delightful doggo they met on a plane fell asleep shortly after. It’s as if his nose was a literal snooze button. A social media user on Imgur added, “Airlines take note: any dog on a five hour flight is a service dog to everyone.” A snoot to boop for all passengers, please.

1. Staring contest

Ever get the feeling someone’s watching you? This Redditor did when he was on the train, and it turns out he was right. “That is the cutest, most sinister thing I’ve ever seen,” one person commented. “Are you a carrot?” Another asked. “That might explain it.” Anyone who’s seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail is probably feeling very uncomfortable right now.